Presentation Topics

The common denominators in all of my customized presentations are energy, passion, humor, engagement, and fun! Whether the audience is an intimate workshop with 20 people or a keynote with an audience of 1,000, the principles of sound pedagogy and compelling communication are modeled through storytelling, experiential activities, music, powerful visuals, videos, and interaction with participants.

Check out the general topic descriptions by clicking on the presentation topics below. My process is always to first get an understanding of what your goals, objectives, and priorities are, and then to customize the presentation so it best meets your needs.  

Here’s a brief video of an interview where I describe an Emotional Intelligence workshop I did recently to give some insight into what gets covered: Emotional Intelligence Workshop Interview.

Here is a summary of the principles behind my presentations on Emotional Intelligence as applied to teaching. This article appeared in “Innovation Abstracts” published by the National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development (NISOD). Emotionally Intelligent Teaching to Empower and Engage: Insights from Neuroscience It is also the basis for an article I wrote for Magna Publications on leadership, explaining how insights from neuroscience and emotional intelligence can intersect to create successful, vibrant, empowering leadership practices. It appears in both the “Academic Leader” and “The Best of the 2020 Leadership in Higher Education Conference” where I have been an invited presenter since 2019.


Building an Empathetic, Supportive, & Resilient Classroom/Workplace Culture in Troubled Times


Addressing Systemic Bias using Emotional Intelligence in Learning Environments

Emotional Intelligence, Self-Efficacy & Growth Mindset 

Dynamic, Motivating, & Inclusive Learning Environments

Compelling Presentation Skills for Teaching Faculty, Higher Education Professionals, & Administrative Leaders


Leading by Building Strong Relationships

Leading by Building Collaborative Empowered Groups

Leading & Teaching Through Intentional Positive Influence 

Caring Constructive Conversations


Appreciative Inquiry Facilitation 

Developing Civility within Organizational Culture 

Building a Vibrant Organizational Development Culture 

Thriving in Change